"I initially came across Ron as an attendee of his webinar. I usually sit back in these sessions and listen but in Ron’s presentation I felt I was in the company of a true Master of Networking and found myself taking copious notes supported with occasional screenshots to capture as many of his ideas and  practical tips as possible.
​We have subsequently chatted and joined each other’s networks and I’m really benefitting from the new central role that Networking is playing in our Business Development.
Mark Rosen, Transaction Chartered Accountants

David Dwyer

Your Organisation: Business Growth

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Mark Rosen

"I found the experience very worthwhile and Ron’s calm measured approach, cutting to the chase reinforced for me at least what I needed to do and do consistently. It was also a very strong reminder on the subject of business relationships, how they develop between people and organisations. It certainly has me much more motivated to take action. Thank again!" David Dwyer, Dwyer & Co