We typically begin with a one-day review of your firm's overall strategic plan and business model. If a documented plan is not in place, we will work together to developed a tailored Strategic Plan for your business. This process will ensure a clear focus for your firm, outlining your key strategic objectives and priorities, your specific actions and outcomes, your roles / responsibilities and your time frames / dead lines.  

1. Integrated Advisory Business Design Workshop

4. Online Learning Programs

Each of our online learning programs come with a Certification to ensure high standards are achieved throughout the learning process.  As a component of your Certification, a Certificate will be provided for display to signify your ongoing professional development and competency.

6. Implementation Support

Strategies for growth
During each Conference program you are tasked with identifying various strategies that you can implement within your practice to make a meaningful change to your practice.

5. Certification

12 Month Integrated Advisory Business Program

Peer Discussion
During each conference, we will discuss many aspects and issues for different Member firms. There will be times during different Conference events that Members may wish to raise a wide variety of issues relevant for their practice. Confidentiality is a core component of our Member Charter, ensuring we have very robust and very real discussions.

Each Conference program will typically contain no more than 12 Member firms, with each firm having a maximum of 3 representatives. A key aspect of each Conference event is the high level of peer interaction between Member Firms - each attending representative is expected to contribute to the conference discussion. As we have a very clear understanding of each Member's strategy and key issues, the Conference program is tailored to maximise the benefit for attending Members. Each event runs for 1.5 days at a location to help you get away from your practice, so you can work on your practice ... you will probably enjoy yourself as well!
Different elements we will address at the conference may include:

Advisory Thought Leadership
Throughout the Conference program we will expose you to various Advisory Thought Leadership to challenge your views, your thinking, your actions. 

We offer a range of support through the implementation phase, tailored to your firms needs, to ensure you obtain the specific results you are after for each specific advisory program.  

3. Integrated Advisory Business Peer Conference

The accountability program is conducted via an online web conference call. ​The key focus of these meetings is to followup and bring to account the strategies and action documented within the Strategic Plan and key actions from the Conference Programs. No excuses! Each session is spread throughout the year, after your Strategic Planning Day and before and after each Conference event.

Prior to the Conference each firm will complete a practice profile whereby we will benchmark your practice against your peers. During the Conference we may 'drill down' into those firm that are performing th best in different areas and look at why? Conversely, we may also look at those firms who are not doing as well as others are find out why!

2. Coaching and Accountability

All Members have access to both our current Professional Development Program and our library of past professional development events. In addition, as part of our online learning program, we have a series of modules Members can subscribe to at a 'Member Rates'. Each program is specifically tailored to help your practice obtain the systems, the structures, the technical knowledge and the soft skills to successfully engage with your clients.